Why Us?

Becuase we're good at what we do!… …choose Adelaide Oven Repairs? Because that’s what we do most of the day!  Oven Repairs!

By specialising in Oven and Stove repairs we gain increased skills and can afford to carry specialised tools, a wider selection of oven parts in the van and can invest in equipment that allows us to handle larger Ovens or Stoves with ease.

 Tick Fixed Price
 When the price we quote; is the price you pay!
 Tick Quality Parts  Original Equipment Manufactured Parts (OEM)
 Tick On Time  We offer a 2 hour booking window
 Tick Fully Licensed  Register Electrical Worker and Licensed Electrical Contractor
 Tick Fixed First Time  85% of all jobs are completed on the first visit
 Tick  10% Discount  10% off for all online bookings
 Tick  Increased Van Stock  70% of our van stock is dedicated to Ovens and Stoves
 Tick Specialised Equipment  Hydraulics Scissor lift table, purpose made stands and tooling


Choose Carefully!

Many Adelaide based oven repairers are undertaking oven repairs without the proper licenses. Here it is: the Occupational Licence Check.

Remember to check Categories and Subcategories!

Not all Electrical or Gas licences are unrestricted! In fact most in the appliance repair industry are restricted! Many are working outside their restrictions!

Adelaide Oven Repairs

Paul Rohal

Holds an unrestricted Electrical License! Can do any electrical work!


Peter Dineen

Holds an unrestricted Plumbing and Gas License. Can do any plumbing or gas work.Peter Dineen

The Appliance Specialist at Glenelg

Bradley McDonald holds a Restricted Electrical and Gas Licence!

Not licensed to do work on fixed wired equipment since leaving Electrolux!

For those trying to make sense of Bradley’s restrictions we chatted with Consumer and Business Services to clarify that issue. Fundamentally it means he is not licensed to work on fixed wired electrical equipment since leaving Electrolux! See the complete ‘chat’ below:Brad License Chat




Andrew Jame Cheesman

Unrestricted Electrical Licence; Restricted Gas Licence! This Gas Licence became defunct when Andrew left Electrolux!Andrew James Chessman

Prestige Appliance Repair Center

Unrestricted Electrical Licence; Restricted Gas Licence! This Gas Licence became defunct when Southcorp Whitegoods Pty Ltd closed its doors!RoccoPortolesi