Smeg oven repairs in Adelaide

Need your Smeg oven repaired in Adelaide

Factory Trained Smeg Oven Repairer


Need Smeg oven repairs? No problems! Book online today and we’ll have your oven back in working order in no time at all! We are Adelaide’s No. 1 in Smeg Oven Repairs. Back in the late 1980’s when Thomas & Rowe were the dominant sales Smeg oven sales force we were trained by the visiting technical gurus.

Authorised Service Agent; better or not?

You’re probably here because the local authorised Smeg oven repair agent in Adelaide hasn’t lived up to expectation and you’d like to try someone else! Having worked for the local Smeg oven repair agent and having been the Smeg oven repair agent ourselves many years ago, we are confident that you’ve found a better choice. We think we can do a better job for several good reasons: Most customers comment that our fixed prices are what convinced them to give us a try. Our next big advantage; “completion rates”! We complete over 95% of all Smeg oven repairs during the first visit. And a good thing too; if we didn’t complete such a high percentage of our jobs on the first visit, we would struggle to afford many of the fixed price offers. We would be continually be going back to fit parts at our expense.

The real difference: Experience

While much of the focus for customers is on price and turning up on time and having genuine parts etc, we think our real difference when it comes to Smeg Oven Repairs is experience. Next time you have one of our competitor there fault finding ask them if they can do a thermal scan? Or a micro-ohm test! Or if they know the Kilogram rating for the hinges? This list goes on and is no doubt boring to most, but it is the fine detail and the years of working on Smeg Oven that really sets us above the rest.

Most Common Faults

The most common Smeg oven service calls we attend are:

  • Fan Forced Element
  • Cooking Fan
  • Door Switch
  • Electronic Timer
  • Thermostat
  • Cooling Fan
  • Light Bulb
  • Door hinge
  • Door Seal

Most of the above repairs can be completed during the first visit and on average fall between $200-$250.

In Van Spare Parts

If the part you need is not in the van, it might as well be in China, Why, because it means the oven repairer is going to have to fit your oven back in place, pack up any tools, do the paper work, get paid and drive to the next job. Because they’re not going back to the workshop to pickup your part. They are due on thier next job. Then when the part is finally in the van, it means driving back, pulling the oven back out, doing the repair, fitting the oven back in place and redoing the paper work, getting paid and on to the next job. Sound like a lot of repeated process; that’s because it is. And that all means wasted time, which means more expense.

Smeg Spare Parts

We carry a significant percentage of Smeg oven spares so that we can complete your repair during the first visit for models: SAP306X-9, SA306X-8, SA304X-8, SCA706X, SA20XMFR8, DOSFA38X, DOSCA36X the following spares:

The more expensive Smeg oven models such as SCA45V2, SCA45MC2, SC45VNE2 and other electronic/pyrolytic electric ovens are less common in Adelaide and can sometimes mean the parts aren’t held in stock and therefore take longer for the repairs to be completed.

We offer many “Fixed Price Repairs” related to Smeg oven repairs. We are the most reliable company for Smeg Oven Repairs in Adelaide. Our experts can repair almost any fault in your appliance with the help of their experience and skills.

Not the entire list of models we service; but a good start

Smeg oven models that we service


“ALFA10”, “ALFA100X”, “ALFA10X”, “ALFA10XA”, “ALFA10XA3”, “ALFA10XAB”, “ALFA10XAK”, “ALFA11”, “ALFA111”, “ALFA111B”, “ALFA11AM”, “ALFA11GM”, “ALFA11LP”, “ALFA130X”, “ALFA132X”, “ALFA135B1”, “ALFA135BE”, “ALFA135BM”, “ALFA135BV”, “ALFA135GH”, “ALFA135V6”, “ALFA135VE”, “ALFA135VK”, “ALFA135VM”, “ALFA135X”, “ALFA135X1”, “ALFA135XB”, “ALFA135XE”, “ALFA135XM”, “ALFA135XP”, “ALFA135XV”, “ALFA141GH”, “ALFA141VE”, “ALFA141XE”, “ALFA15”, “ALFA151X”, “ALFA15A”, “ALFA15N”, “ALFA15X”, “ALFA161X”, “ALFA161XK”, “ALFA20”, “ALFA200X”, “ALFA200XE”, “ALFA200XM”, “ALFA201XE”, “ALFA201XM”, “ALFA20A”, “ALFA20EB”, “ALFA20I”, “ALFA20IME”, “ALFA20R”, “ALFA20SA”, “ALFA21”, “ALFA21I”, “ALFA21IP”, “ALFA241VE”, “ALFA241XM”, “ALFA25”, “ALFA30”, “ALFA30A”, “ALFA30B”, “ALFA30F”, “ALFA30N”, “ALFA30T”, “ALFA30V”, “ALFA30VB”, “ALFA30X”, “ALFA30XA”, “ALFA30XG”, “ALFA30XHT”, “ALFA30XM”, “ALFA31”, “ALFA31A”, “ALFA31B”, “ALFA31BHT”, “ALFA31DA”, “ALFA31F”, “ALFA31K”, “ALFA31N”, “ALFA31P”, “ALFA31S”, “ALFA31T”, “ALFA31V”, “ALFA31V1”, “ALFA31X”, “ALFA31XA”, “ALFA31XE”, “ALFA31XHT”, “ALFA341VE”, “ALFA341XM”, “ALFA35”, “ALFA35XA”, “ALFA40”, “ALFA40NL”, “ALFA41”, “ALFA41A”, “ALFA41AM”, “ALFA41B”, “ALFA41DA”, “ALFA41DI”, “ALFA41F”, “ALFA41FR”, “ALFA41G”, “ALFA41GM”, “ALFA41K”, “ALFA41N”, “ALFA41P”, “ALFA41S”, “ALFA41SAM”, “ALFA41SG”, “ALFA41T”, “ALFA41UK”, “ALFA41V1”, “ALFA41V1K”, “ALFA41VEK”, “ALFA41XE”, “ALFA41XE2”, “ALFA41XEN”, “ALFA42”, “ALFA42AM”, “ALFA42AMB”, “ALFA42AMT”, “ALFA43”, “ALFA43AM”, “ALFA43DA”, “ALFA43F”, “ALFA43GH”, “ALFA43K”, “ALFA43PRE”, “ALFA43S”, “ALFA43SAM”, “ALFA43T”, “ALFA43TM”, “ALFA43UK”, “ALFA43XE”, “ALFA44”, “ALFA44PRE”, “ALFA50X”, “ALFA51X”, “ALFA51XGN”, “ALFA55X”, “ALFA60MWX”, “ALFA61X”, “ALFA61X1”, “ALFA61XK”, “ALPHA20GB”, “ALPHA20GX”, “ALPHA30K”, “ALPHA40GB”, “ALPHA40GX”, “ALPHA55Q”, “ALPHAS55”, “ALPHAS55Q”, “FA166”, “FA1665”, “FA170”, “FA1705”, “FA65”, “FA655”, “FA67”, “FA675”, “S1”, “S101X5”, “S104X5”, “S1055MF5”, “S1055MF1”, “S1055MFB1”, “S1055MFB5”, “S1055MFX1”, “S1055MFX5”, “S1065MF1”, “S1065MF5”, “S1065MFB1”, “S1065MFB5”, “S1065MFX1”, “S1065MFX5”, “S106X5”, “S106X6”, “S1085MF1”, “S1085MFA1”, “S1085MFA5”, “S1085MFP1”, “S1085MFP5”, “S1085MFV1”, “S108X5”, “S108X6”, “S10AXMF”, “S10XMF”, “S10XMF1”, “S1100MF5”, “S1100MFB5”, “S1100MFX5”, “S114”, “S114EB”, “S116EMF”, “S116EMFEB”, “S14”, “S14EB”, “S14EBM”, “S14EBPA”, “S14GR”, “S14MF”, “S14PA”, “S15”, “S15EB”, “S15EBPA”, “S15PA”, “S16”, “S16AMFE”, “S16AMFEEB”, “S16EB”, “S16EMF”, “S16EMFEB”, “S16MF”, “S16MFEB”, “S16MFEBPA”, “S16MFEI”, “S16MFGR”, “S16MFLPA”, “S16MFLPAEB”, “S16MFPA”, “S18”, “S18AMFE”, “S18AMFEEB”, “S18AMFENE”, “S18EB”, “S18EBPA”, “S18EMF”, “S18EMFEB”, “S18MFLPA”, “S1EB”, “S1M”, “S1MEB”, “S1MX”, “S2”, “S200”, “S2001”, “S200EB”, “S200EB1”, “S200X”, “S200X1”, “S200XK”, “S2010MAZ1”, “S2010MF5”, “S2010MF1”, “S2010MFB1”, “S2010MFB5”, “S2010MFP1”, “S2010MFP5”, “S2010MFX1”, “S2010MFX5”, “S2010MVA1”, “S201X”, “S20XMF”, “S20XMF5”, “S20XMF7”, “S20XMF8”, “S20XMF1”, “S20XMFR”, “S20XMFR1”, “S285PMF5”, “S285PMFB5”, “S285PMFX5”, “S2D”, “S2DX”, “S2EB”, “S30”, “S300”, “S300EB”, “S300X”, “S300X5”, “S301X5”, “S302X”, “S30AS”, “S31”, “S31EB”, “S32”, “S320”, “S3201”, “S320EB”, “S320EB1”, “S320X”, “S320X1”, “S32EB”, “S340”, “S3405”, “S3401”, “S340EB”, “S340EB5”, “S340EB1”, “S340G”, “S340G3”, “S340GEB”, “S340GEB3”, “S340GEBHK”, “S340GX”, “S340GXBR1”, “S340GXBR2”, “S340GXK”, “S341GX”, “S341GXD”, “S350X”, “S350X5”, “S350X1”, “S350X1”, “S350X15”, “S350X2”, “S350XB”, “S351X”, “S351X5”, “S360”, “S3601”, “S360EB”, “S360EB1”, “S360X”, “S360X1”, “S360XT”, “S360XT5”, “S361MFX6”, “S365X”, “S365X1”, “S365X5”, “S365X7”, “S370”, “S3705”, “S3701”, “S370AV1”, “S370AV5”, “S370AV6”, “S370AV7”, “S370EB”, “S370EB5”, “S370EB1”, “S370EBT”, “S370EBT2”, “S370EBT5”, “S380BX”, “S380X”, “S380X5”, “S380X1”, “S380XT”, “S380XT2”, “S380XT5”, “S381X”, “S381X5”, “S381XPZ5”, “S390”, “S390EB”, “S392”, “S392EB”, “S395X”, “S398X”, “S399X”, “S399X5”, “S399X6”, “S399XPZ6”, “S4”, “S40”, “S400”, “S4001”, “S400EB”, “S400EB1”, “S40EB”, “S41”, “S41EB”, “S42”, “S42EB”, “S43”, “S43EB”, “S45MA”, “S45MCA”, “S45MCX”, “S45MCX1”, “S45MCX2”, “S45MFA”, “S45MFX”, “S45MFX2”, “S45MFX2C”, “S45MX”, “S45MX2”, “S45MX2C”, “S45MXK”, “S45VA”, “S45VX”, “S45VX2”, “S45VX2C”, “S45VXK”, “S47”, “S47EB”, “S4C”, “S4CEB”, “S4EB”, “S4PA”, “S4PAEB”, “S5”, “S500”, “S5001”, “S500EB”, “S500EB1”, “S500X”, “S500X1”, “S51”, “S51AG”, “S51AG1”, “S51EB”, “S51EI”, “S51J”, “S51X6”, “S51X6O”, “S52”, “S52PA”, “S53”, “S53EB”, “S54”, “S54EB”, “S55”, “S550”, “S5505”, “S5501”, “S550EB”, “S550EB5”, “S550EB1”, “S550X”, “S550X1”, “S551X”, “S551X5”, “S55EB”, “S56EXPORT”, “S57”, “S57EB”, “S59”, “S59AMFE”, “S59AMFEW”, “S59EB”, “S59MF”, “S59MFEB”, “S5A”, “S5AEB”, “S5EB”, “S5PA”, “S5PAEB”, “S6”, “S600”, “S600EB”, “SA1”, “SA1010MFX”, “SA1010X5”, “SA1010X1”, “SA1098”, “SA109M8”, “SA10XMF1”, “SA10XMF2”, “SA1128”, “SA115A”, “SA130P”, “SA1EB”, “SA206EB”, “SA206X”, “SA208EB”, “SA208X”, “SA20XMF”, “SA20XMFR”, “SA20XMFR8”, “SA210EB”, “SA210EB1”, “SA210NE”, “SA210NE1”, “SA210P”, “SA210X”, “SA210X5”, “SA210X1”, “SA22XMF”, “SA22XMF5”, “SA22XMF7”, “SA240X”, “SA240X5”, “SA250X”, “SA250X5”, “SA280X”, “SA280X5”, “SA280X1”, “SA301W5”, “SA301X”, “SA301X5”, “SA304X8”, “SA305X”, “SA305X5”, “SA306X”, “SA306X8”, “SA307X5”, “SA307XTS”, “SA308X8”, “SA310BL5”, “SA310W5”, “SA310X”, “SA310X5”, “SA310X6”, “SA311XP”, “SA340EB”, “SA340EB1”, “SA360EB”, “SA360EB5”, “SA360EB1”, “SA360X”, “SA360X5”, “SA360X1”, “SA365X”, “SA370EB”, “SA370EB1”, “SA370EB2”, “SA370EB3”, “SA375EB”, “SA375X”, “SA375X1”, “SA375X5”, “SA380X”, “SA380X5”, “SA380X1”, “SA380X2”, “SA380X3”, “SA385EB”, “SA385X”, “SA386W”, “SA386X”, “SA386X5”, “SA388X”, “SA388X1”, “SA390EB”, “SA390NE”, “SA392EB”, “SA392EB5”, “SA392EB1”, “SA392NE”, “SA392NE1”, “SA395X”, “SA398X”, “SA398X5”, “SA398X1”, “SA410EB”, “SA410EB5”, “SA410X”, “SA410X5”, “SA415X”, “SA420EB”, “SA420EB5”, “SA420X”, “SA420X5”, “SA420X1”, “SA440X”, “SA45MCX2”, “SA45MX2”, “SA45VX2”, “SA500”, “SA500EB”, “SA500X”, “SA504X”, “SA506X”, “SA561X8”, “SA578X8”, “SA600”, “SA6001”, “SA600EB”, “SA600EB1”, “SA650EB”, “SA650EB1”, “SA650NE”, “SA650NE1”, “SA702X5”, “SA704X”, “SA704X5”, “SA704X6”, “SA705X”, “SA705X7”, “SA706EB”, “SA706EB1”, “SA706X”, “SA706X5”, “SA706X1”, “SA707X”, “SA707X7”, “SA708EB”, “SA708NE”, “SA708X”, “SA708X5”, “SA708X6”, “SA708X7”, “SA710X5”, “SA710X7”, “SA850P”, “SA850P1”, “SA850X”, “SA850X1”, “SA890WR”, “SA890WR5”, “SA920MF”, “SA920MF1”, “SA920MF2”, “SA920MFA”, “SA920MFA1”, “SA920MFEB”, “SA920MFW1”, “SA920MFW2”, “SA920MFW5”, “SA990REB”, “SA990RNE”, “SA990XR”, “SA995XR”, “SA995XR5”, “SA995XR7”, “SA996XR7”, “SA999X”, “SA999X1”, “SAC399X8”, “SAP1098”, “SAP1099”, “SAP109M8”, “SAP1128”, “SAP115A”, “SAP306X8”, “SAP306X9”, “SAP399X8”, “SCA110”, “SCA110B”, “SCA110W”, “SCA1122”, “SCA112XP”, “SCA112XP2”, “SCA130P”, “SCA301X”, “SCA306X”, “SCA310X”, “SCA311XP”, “SCA45M2”, “SCA45MC2”, “SCA45V2”, “SCA504X”, “SCA506X”, “SCA705X”, “SCA706X”, “SCA708X”, “SCA709X”, “SCA710X”, “SCA7122”, “SCA7123”, “SDO10”, “SDO105”, “SDO106”, “SDO12”, “SDO125”, “SDO14”, “SDO85”, “SNZ340GSS”, “SNZ340GW”, “SNZ360SS”, “SNZ360W”, “SNZ380SS”, “SNZ380SS1”, “SNZ380W”, “SNZ380W1”, “SNZ708X”);


A11A”, “A11A5”, “A11A6”, “A11CER”, “A11CER5”, “A11CER6”, “A11X”, “A11X5”, “A11X6”, “A11XLP”, “A1A”, “A1A2”, “A1A5”, “A1A6”, “A1A1”, “A1AD”, “A1AD2”, “A1AD5”, “A1AD1”, “A1AU6”, “A1B”, “A1B1”, “A1BL6”, “A1C”, “A1C2”, “A1C5”, “A1C5UL”, “A1C6”, “A1C1”, “A1CA”, “A1CA2”, “A1CA5”, “A1CA6”, “A1CA1”, “A1CER”, “A1CXU6”, “A1D”, “A1D2”, “A1D2SE”, “A1D5”, “A1D6”, “A1D1”, “A1DA6”, “A1DB6”, “A1DN6”, “A1DNA5”, “A1DNA6”, “A1DRW6”, “A1DSE5”, “A1G”, “A1G1”, “A1K5”, “A1K6”, “A1LPG”, “A1NU6”, “A1P2”, “A1P5”, “A1P6”, “A1P1”, “A1PU6”, “A1PYID6”, “A1RW6”, “A1RWU6”, “A1SE5”, “A1SE6”, “A1VA”, “A1VA2”, “A1VA5”, “A1VA1”, “A1VAD”, “A1VG”, “A1VG2”, “A1VG5”, “A1VG1”, “A1VGD”, “A1WH6”, “A1XCU6”, “A1XU6”, “A2”, “A22”, “A25”, “A26”, “A21X5”, “A21X6”, “A2A”, “A2A2”, “A2A5”, “A2A6”, “A2AD”, “A2AD5”, “A2BL6”, “A2C5”, “A2C6”, “A2D”, “A2D5”, “A2D6”, “A2DA6”, “A2EA”, “A2LPG”, “A2PY6”, “A2PYID6”, “A2RW6”, “A2WH6”, “A2Y6”, “A3”, “A32”, “A35”, “A36”, “A31X5”, “A31X6”, “A3A”, “A3A2”, “A3A5”, “A3A6”, “A3AD5”, “A3D”, “A3D5”, “A3D6”, “A3DA6”, “A3SX”, “A3XU6”, “A45”, “A46”, “A41”, “A41A”, “A41C5”, “A41D”, “A41D5”, “A42”, “A422”, “A425”, “A426”, “A42A”, “A42A2”, “A42A5”, “A42B”, “A42C”, “A42C2”, “A42C5”, “A42C6”, “A42D”, “A42D2”, “A42D5”, “A42G”, “A4BL6”, “A55”, “A56”, “A5D5”, “A5D6”, “AP631”, “C90GMXNL”, “C91GMX”, “C91GMXAT”, “C91GMXI”, “C91GMXNL”, “C91GVXI”, “C92DX”, “C92GMNNL”, “C92GMX”, “C92GMX8”, “C92GMXD”, “C92GMXNL”, “C92GMXNL8”, “C92GPX”, “C92GPX8”, “C92IPX”, “C92IPX8”, “C9CMX”, “C9GGSSA”, “C9GGXU”, “C9GMANL”, “C9GMB”, “C9GMBA”, “C9GMBNL”, “C9GMLI”, “C9GMN”, “C9GMNA”, “C9GMNNL”, “C9GMR”, “C9GMRNL”, “C9GMX”, “C9GMXA”, “C9GMXD”, “C9GMXI”, “C9GMXI1”, “C9GMXNL”, “C9GMXNLB”, “C9GMXU”, “C9GVXBE”, “C9GVXI”, “C9GVXNL”, “C9IMX”, “CS19”, “CS191PF”, “CS192”, “CS192ES”, “CS195”, “CS196”, “CS191”, “CS19A”, “CS19A2”, “CS19A5”, “CS19A6”, “CS19A1”, “CS19B”, “CS19B6”, “CS19B1”, “CS19BE”, “CS19BE5”, “CS19ES5”, “CS19ES6”, “CS19ID5”, “CS19ID6”, “CS19IDA6”, “CS19N6”, “CS19NL”, “CS19NL5”, “CS19NL6”, “CS19NL1”, “CS19NL2”, “CS19NLA”, “CS19NLA5”, “CS19NLA6”, “CS19NLA1”, “CS19NLA2”, “CS19NLB6”, “CS19NLN6”, “CS19NLP5”, “CS19NLRW6”, “CS19NLSE”, “CS19NLSE5”, “CS19NLVA”, “CS19P2”, “CS19P5”, “CS19P6”, “CS19P1”, “CS19RW6”, “CS19V”, “CS19V1”, “CSA122X6”, “CSA150X6”, “CSA19”, “CSA196”, “CSA196A”, “CSA196XLP”, “CSA19A”, “CSA19B”, “CSA19ID6”, “CSA19XLP”, “CSA20”, “FS60WHNG”, “FS60XNG”, “FS61MFX”, “FS61MFXLP”, “FS61WHNG”, “FS61XLPG”, “FS61XNG”, “FS61XPZ5”, “FS62XNG”, “FS62XNG1”, “FS64MF”, “FS64MFA”, “FS64MFCW”, “FS64MFCWA”, “FS64MFLP”, “FS64MFLPA”, “FS64MFW”, “FS64MFWA”, “FS64MFX”, “FS64MFXLP”, “FS66MFX”, “FS67MFX”, “OF901XA”, “OF902XA”, “OFGE9MXA”, “OFGG7GVXA”, “SA5000B”, “SA5000W”, “SA62MFX5”, “SA81VG”, “SA81VGMA”, “SA9058X”, “SA9065”, “SA9065LPG”, “SA9065XNG”, “SA9065XS”, “SA9066”, “SA9066AS”, “SA9066CER”, “SA9066LPG”, “SA9066XNG”, “SA9066XS”, “SA91VJIR”, “SA92MFX5”, “SA93VJME”, “SNZ106VML”, “SNZ60EVX”, “SNZ60MFSS”, “SNZ61MFA1”, “SNZ61MFX”, “SNZ61MFX1”, “SNZ635SS”, “SNZ635W”, “SNZ635WH”, “SNZ90MFX”, “SNZ91MFA”, “SNZ91MFA1”, “SNZ91MFX”, “SNZ91MFX1”, “SUK62CBL5”, “SUK62CBL8”, “SUK62CMFX”, “SUK62CMX5”, “SUK62CMX8”, “SUK62MBL5”, “SUK62MBL8”, “SUK62MFA”, “SUK62MFA5”, “SUK62MFWH”, “SUK62MFX”, “SUK62MFX5”, “SUK62MWH5”, “SUK62MX8”, “SUK65G”, “SUK65MF”, “SUK80GA”, “SUK80GX”, “SUK80GXA”, “SUK80MFA”, “SUK80MFX”, “SUK80MFXA”, “SUK81MBL5”, “SUK81MFA”, “SUK81MFA5”, “SUK81MFX”, “SUK81MFX5”, “SUK854X”, “SUK90MFX”, “SUK90MFX5”, “SUK91CMFX”, “SUK91CMX5”, “SUK91MBL5”, “SUK91MFA”, “SUK91MFA5”, “SUK91MFX”, “SUK91MFX5”, “SUK92CBL5”, “SUK92CBL8”, “SUK92CMX5”, “SUK92CMX8”, “SUK92MBL5”, “SUK92MBL8”, “SUK92MFA5”, “SUK92MFP5”, “SUK92MFX”, “SUK92MFX5”, “SUK92MP8”, “SUK92MX8”.


“A11CER”,”A11CER5″, “A11CER6”, “A1C”, “A1C2”, “A1C5”, “A1C5UL”, “A1C6”, “A1C1”, “A1CA”, “A1CA2”, “A1CA5”, “A1CA6”, “A1CA1”, “A1CER”, “A1CXU6”, “CE9CMX”, “CE9CMXA”, “FS61XPZ5”, “FS67MFX”, “SA9066CER”, “SCB60MFX”, “SCB60MFX5”, “SCB60MFX6”, “SCB60MFX7”, “CIR34AX”, “CIR34AX3”, “CIR34XS”, “CIR34XS3”, “CIR574X”, “CIR574X3”, “CIR575X”, “CIR575X5”, “CIR576X”, “CIR576X5”, “CIR597X”, “CIR597X5”, “CIR60X”, “CIR60X3”, “CIR60XS”, “CIR60XS3”, “CIR64X”, “CIR64X3”, “CIR64XS”, “CIR64XS3”, “CIR66X3”, “CIR66XS3”, “CIR900X”, “CIR93AX”, “CIR93AX3”, “CIR93AXS”, “CIR93AXS3”, “PA106SX”, “PA64SX”, “PA705SX”, “PAL12”, “PAL12B”, “PAL12D”, “PAL12E”, “PAL12NL”, “PGA64”, “PGA75F3”, “PGA75FSC3”, “PGA75SC3”, “PGA95F3”, “PGA95FSC3”, “PGA95SC3”, “PGF30B”, “PGF30F”, “PGF30T”, “PGF31G”, “PGF31GBE”, “PGF32C”, “PGF32CC”, “PGF32G”, “PGF32GBE”, “PGF32I”, “PGF32IC”, “PGF64”, “PGF64BE”, “PGF64F”, “PGF64FSC”, “PGF64SC”, “PGF75”, “PGF752”, “PGF753”, “PGF75BE2”, “PGF75BE3”, “PGF75F”, “PGF75F3”, “PGF75FBE”, “PGF75FBE3”, “PGF75FSC”, “PGF75FSC3”, “PGF75SBR1”, “PGF75SC”, “PGF75SC3”, “PGF75SCU3”, “PGF75U3”, “PGF95”, “PGF951”, “PGF952”, “PGF953”, “PGF95BE”, “PGF95BE1”, “PGF95BE2”, “PGF95BE3”, “PGF95F”, “PGF95F1”, “PGF95F2”, “PGF95F3”, “PGF95FBE”, “PGF95FBE1”, “PGF95FBE2”, “PGF95FBE3”, “PGF95FSC”, “PGF95FSC3”, “PGF95K”, “PGF95K3”, “PGF95SBR1”, “PGF95SC”, “PGF95SC3”, “PGF95SCU3”, “PGF95U3”, “PGFA75F”, “PGFA95F”, “PGFA95F1”, “PGFA95F2”, “PLD151S”, “PLD152”, “PLD153S”, “PLD161S”, “PLD163S”, “PLD18”, “PLD181”, “PLD181S”, “PLD183S”, “PLD183SE”, “PLD1841S”, “PLD1843S”, “PLD184M”, “PLD21”, “PLD211”, “PLD21AC”, “PLD21AC1”, “PLD24”, “PLD241”, “PLDA21AC”, “PLDA24”, “PLDD183SE”, “PLDD1843S”, “PS1122”, “PS1124”, “PS1124E”, “PS154GV”, “PS15VG4”, “PS19”, “PS191”, “PS191S”, “PS192”, “PS193S”, “PS193SE”, “PS194”, “PS194E”, “PS19S”, “PS19X”, “PS60GH”, “PS906”, “PS906BE”, “PS906NL”, “PS9R”, “PS9R1”, “PS9R3”, “PS9RU3”, “PSA12”, “PSA906”, “PSA9R”, “PTS605”, “PTS6053”, “PTS605BE”, “PTS605BE3”, “PTS605BR1”, “PTS605BU3”, “PTS605D”, “PTS605D3”, “PTS605EB”, “PTS605EB3”, “PTS605NE”, “PTS605NE3”, “PTS605NL”, “PTS605NLB”, “PTS605NLN”, “PTS605NU3”, “PTS605U3”, “PTS7233”, “PTS723T3”, “PTS725”, “PTS7253”, “PTS725BE”, “PTS725BE3”, “PTS725D”, “PTS725NL”, “PTS726”, “PTS7265”, “PTS726BE”, “PTS726BE5”, “PTS726BR1”, “PTS726D3”, “PTS726EB”, “PTS726EB5”, “PTS726K”, “PTS726NE”, “PTS726NE5”, “PTS726NL”, “PTS726NLB”, “PTS726NLN”, “PTS727”, “PTS7275”, “PTS727BE”, “PTS727BE5”, “PTS727BU5”, “PTS727D5”, “PTS727NE5”, “PTS727NL”, “PTS727NLB”, “PTS727NLN”, “PTS727NU5”, “PTS727U5”, “PTSA605”, “PTSA6053”, “PTSA725X”, “PTSA725X3”, “PTSA726X5”, “PTSA727X”, “PTSA727X5”, “PX140”, “PX140A”, “PX140BE”, “PX140D”, “PX140NL”, “PX750”, “S124EB”, “S133”, “S133A”, “S133A1”, “S133AB”, “S133AB1”, “S133ABE”, “S133AE”, “S133AEB”, “S133AEB1”, “S133AEBE”, “S133AEBS1”, “S133ANE”, “S133ANE1”, “S133ANEE”, “S133ANES1”, “S133AS1”, “S133ATF”, “S133ATF1”, “S133ATFE”, “S133E”, “S133E1”, “S134”, “S134A”, “S134A1”, “S134AB”, “S134AB1”, “S134ABE”, “S134ABM”, “S134ABM1”, “S134ABMS1”, “S134AE”, “S134AEB”, “S134AEB1”, “S134AEBE”, “S134AEBHK”, “S134AEBS”, “S134AEBS1”, “S134AEBS3”, “S134AEBSE”, “S134ANE”, “S134ANE1”, “S134ANEE”, “S134ANES”, “S134ANES1”, “S134ANESE”, “S134AS”, “S134AS1”, “S134ASE”, “S134ATF”, “S134ATF1”, “S134ATFE”, “S134ATFM”, “S134ATFM1”, “S134ATFMSE”, “S134ATFS”, “S134ATFS1”, “S134ATFS3”, “S134ATFSE”, “S134E”, “S134E1”, “S134EBHK1”, “S135”, “S135B”, “S135EB”, “S135EB1”, “S135NE”, “S135SEB”, “S135TF”, “S137”, “S137A”, “S137A1”, “S137AB”, “S137ABE”, “S137AE”, “S137AEB”, “S137AEB1”, “S137AEBE”, “S137ANE”, “S137ANE1”, “S137ANEE”, “S137ATF”, “S137ATF1”, “S137ATFE”, “S137E”, “S138G”, “S138GEB”, “S193A”, “S193A1”, “S193ABM”, “S193AE”, “S193AEB”, “S193AEB1”, “S193AEBE”, “S193AEBS”, “S193AEBS1”, “S193AEBSE”, “S193AEBST”, “S193ANE”, “S193ANE1”, “S193ANEE”, “S193ANES”, “S193ANES1”, “S193ANESE”, “S193AS”, “S193AS1”, “S193AS1HK”, “S193AS3”, “S193ASE”, “S193ASHK”, “S193ASHK3”, “S193ATF”, “S193ATF1”, “S193ATFE”, “S193ATFM”, “S193ATFS”, “S193ATFS1”, “S193ATFSE”, “S22A”, “S22AEISS”, “S22ATF”, “S23”, “S23A”, “S23ABE”, “S23AEB”, “S23AMB”, “S23ANE”, “S23ATF”, “S23AVSC”, “S23MB”, “S23TF”, “S23VSC”, “S24”, “S24A”, “S24ABE”, “S24AEB”, “S24AEISS”, “S24AMB”, “S24ANE”, “S24APVEB”, “S24ATF”, “S24AVSC”, “S24MB”, “S24TF”, “S26”, “S26A”, “S26ABE”, “S26AEB”, “S26AMB”, “S26ANE”, “S26ATF”, “S26AVSC”, “S26TF”, “S27”, “S2772TCU”, “S2773CXU”, “S27A”, “S27ABE”, “S27AEB”, “S27AMB”, “S27ANE”, “S27ATF”, “S27AVSC”, “S27MB”, “S27TF”, “S2951CXU”, “S2951TCU”, “S30IDU”, “S32A”, “S32AEB”, “S32ATF”, “S33”, “S331A”, “S331A1”, “S331AE”, “S33A”, “S33AB”, “S33ABM”, “S33AEB”, “S33AGR”, “S33AMB”, “S33ANE”, “S33APV”, “S33ATF”, “S33ATFM”, “S33AX”, “S34”, “S341A”, “S341A1”, “S341AE”, “S341AS”, “S341AS1”, “S341ASE”, “S34A”, “S34AB”, “S34ABM”, “S34AEB”, “S34AGR”, “S34AMB”, “S34ANE”, “S34APV”, “S34APV1”, “S34AS”, “S34ASBM”, “S34ASE”, “S34ASEB”, “S34ASTF”, “S34ASTFM”, “S34ATF”, “S34ATFM”, “S34AX”, “S35”, “S35EB”, “S35MB”, “S35TF”, “S36”, “S36A”, “S36AEB”, “S36AMB”, “S36ANE”, “S36ATF”, “S37”, “S37A”, “S37AB”, “S37ABM”, “S37AEB”, “S37AMB”, “S37ANE”, “S37ATF”, “S37ATFM”, “S38”, “S381H”, “S381HEB”, “S382CEB”, “S382H”, “S382HEB”, “S38A1H”, “S38A1HEB”, “S38A2C”, “S38A2CEB”, “S38A2H”, “S38A2HEB”, “S431A”, “S431AEB”, “S441A”, “S441AEB”, “S482H”, “S563”, “S5631”, “S563EB”, “S563NE”, “S563TF”, “S563X”, “S563X1”, “S564”, “S5643”, “S5641”, “S56411”, “S56413”, “S564AV1”, “S564AV2”, “S564AV3”, “S564EB”, “S564EB1”, “S564NE”, “S564NE1”, “S564TF”, “S564TF1”, “S564X”, “S564X1”, “S6082A”, “S6082ABE”, “S6082AMB”, “S691”, “S692”, “S696”, “S70GXBE”, “S70GXBE5”, “S70SXBE”, “S70SXBE1”, “S73”, “S74”, “S741”, “S74EB”, “S74NE”, “S74S”, “S74SX”, “S74SX1”, “S74TF”, “S75EBS”, “S75EBS1”, “S75NES”, “S75NES1”, “S75S”, “S75S1”, “S75SX”, “S75SX1”, “S75TFS”, “S75TFS1”, “S76”, “S761”, “S761S”, “S761S1”, “S76EB”, “S76EB1”, “S76EBS”, “S76EBS1”, “S76GAS”, “S76GAS1”, “S76GBS”, “S76GBS1”, “S76GGS”, “S76GGS1”, “S76GNS”, “S76GNS1”, “S76NE”, “S76NE1”, “S76NES”, “S76NES1”, “S76S”, “S76S1”, “S76SX”, “S76SX1”, “S76TF”, “S76TF1”, “S76TFS”, “S76TFS1”, “S803A”, “S803AD”, “S803AEB”, “S803ATF”, “S804A”, “S804AD”, “S804ADSE”, “S804AEB”, “S804AEBSE”, “S804ASE”, “S804ATF”, “S804ATFSE”, “S806AD”, “S806AEB”, “S807A”, “S807AD”, “S807AEB”, “S807ATF”, “S809A”, “S809A1”, “S809AD”, “S809AD1”, “S809ADE”, “S809ADS1”, “S809ADS3”, “S809ADSE”, “S809AE”, “S809AEB”, “S809AEB1”, “S809AEBE”, “S809AEBS1”, “S809AEBS3”, “S809AEBSE”, “S809AS1”, “S809AS3”, “S809ASB”, “S809ASBE”, “S809ASE”, “S809ASEA”, “S809ASEA3”, “S809ASEP”, “S809ASEP3”, “S809ASP”, “S809ASV”, “S809ATF”, “S809ATF1”, “S809ATFE”, “S809ATFS1”, “S809ATFS3”, “S809ATFSE”, “S809PSBE”, “S831A”, “S831AE”, “S841A”, “S841AE”, “S863VG3”, “S891A”, “S891AE”, “S931A”, “S931A1”, “S931AE”, “S931AS1”, “S931ASE”, “S93A”, “S93AE”, “S93AEB”, “S93ANE”, “S93ASX”, “S93ASX1”, “S93ASX3”, “S93ASXBE”, “S93ATF”, “S93ATFE”, “S93AX”, “S93AX1”, “S93AXE”, “S93AXS”, “S93GXBE”, “S93GXBE3”, “S95A”, “S95AEB”, “S95ATF”, “S993AS”, “S993ASX”, “SA133AEB”, “SA133AEB1”, “SA133ANE”, “SA133ANE1”, “SA134AEB”, “SA134AEB1”, “SA134ANE”, “SA135EB”, “SA135NE”, “SA28AX”, “SA33A”, “SA33AEB”, “SA33AX”, “SA33AX1”, “SA33AXS”, “SA34A”, “SA34ABE”, “SA34AEB”, “SA34AMB”, “SA34ANE”, “SA34ATF”, “SA34AX”, “SA34AX1”, “SA34AX3”, “SA34AXS1”, “SA35BE”, “SA35EB”, “SA35MB”, “SA35SS”, “SA35X”, “SA36A”, “SA36ABE”, “SA36AEB”, “SA36AMB”, “SA36ATF”, “SA36AX”, “SA435X”, “SA435X1”, “SA530X”, “SA60W”, “SA60X”, “SA661X1”, “SA76X”, “SA76X1”, “SA803ACF”, “SA803AEB”, “SA804ACF”, “SA804AEB”, “SA805CF”, “SA805EB”, “SA922HEB”, “SA922HNE”, “SA92EB”, “SA92NE”, “SA92X”, “SAR134ABS”, “SAR134AEB”, “SAR134ANE”, “SAR134AWS”, “SAR134AX”, “SAR134AX1”, “SAR134AX3”, “SAR134AXS”, “SAR134BL”, “SAR134BS1”, “SAR134EB1”, “SAR134NE1”, “SAR134WLP”, “SAR134WP1”, “SAR134WS1”, “SAR134XLP”, “SAR134XP1”, “SAR134XS1”, “SAR134XS3”, “SAR191AEB”, “SAR191ANE”, “SAR191AX”, “SAR191AX1”, “SAR191EB1”, “SAR191NE1”, “SAR193AEB”, “SAR193ANE”, “SAR193EB1”, “SAR193NE1”, “SAR28AX”, “SAR572EB”, “SAR572X”, “SAR572X1”, “SAR574EB”, “SAR574P”, “SAR574P1”, “SAR574X”, “SAR574X3”, “SAR574X1”, “SAR574X2”, “SAR574XS”, “SAR574XS1”, “SAR574XS3”, “SAR575EB”, “SAR575X”, “SAR575X1”, “SAR575X2”, “SAR60W”, “SAR60W3”, “SAR60X”, “SAR60X3”, “SAR64EB”, “SAR64EB1”, “SAR64EBLP”, “SAR64EBP1”, “SAR64X”, “SAR64X1”, “SAR64X3”, “SAR64XLP”, “SAR64XLP1”, “SAR64XS”, “SAR64XS1”, “SAR64XS3”, “SAR65X”, “SAR65XS”, “SAR66X”, “SAR66X3”, “SAR66XS”, “SAR66XS3”, “SAR67X”, “SAR67X1”, “SAR70X”, “SAR70X1”, “SAR70X5”, “SAR70XS”, “SAR70XS5”, “SAR804AA”, “SAR804ACF”, “SAR804AEB”, “SAR804CF1”, “SAR804EB1”, “SAR804P”, “SAR809AEB”, “SAR809EB1”, “SAR93A”, “SAR93AEB”, “SAR93AMB”, “SAR93AX”, “SAR93AX1”, “SAR93AX3”, “SAR93AXS”, “SAR93AXS1”, “SAR93AXS3”, “SAR93XLPG”, “SAR93XPG1”, “SARV531X”, “SARV531X1”, “SARV531X5”, “SARV532X”, “SARV532X1”, “SARV532X2”, “SARV532X3”, “SNZ132AEB”, “SNZ134SS”, “SNZ134SS3”, “SNZ134W”, “SNZ32AEB”, “SNZ34XGR1”, “SNZ34XGR3”, “SNZ34XGRC”, “SNZ564SS”, “SNZ564SS1”, “SNZ564W”, “SNZ564W1”, “SNZ64SS”, “SNZ64SS1”, “SNZ64SS3”, “SNZ64WH”, “SNZ64WH1”, “SNZ64X3”, “SNZ93SS”, “SNZ93XGR1”, “SNZ93XGR3”, “SNZ93XGR9”, “SRV531GH”, “SRV531GH5”, “SRV531TG”, “SRV531TX”, “SRV531TX5”, “SRV531X”, “SRV531X5”, “SRV531XB5”, “SRV531XBE”, “SRV531XF1”, “SRV531XFE”, “SRV532GH”, “SRV532GH3”, “SRV532TG”, “SRV532TX”, “SRV532TX3”, “SRV532X”, “SRV532X3”, “SRV532X1”, “SRV532XB3”, “SRV532XBE”, “SRV532XFE”, “SRV563”, “SRV563EB”, “SRV563EB1”, “SRV563EB2”, “SRV563NE”, “SRV563NE1”, “SRV563NE2”, “SRV563TF”, “SRV563TF1”, “SRV563X”, “SRV563X3”, “SRV563X1”, “SRV564”, “SRV5643”, “SRV5641”, “SRV56411”, “SRV56413”, “SRV564A6”, “SRV564AV6”, “SRV564AZ”, “SRV564CO2”, “SRV564CO3”, “SRV564CO6”, “SRV564EB”, “SRV564EB1”, “SRV564EB2”, “SRV564EB3”, “SRV564EB4”, “SRV564GA”, “SRV564GA1”, “SRV564GAL”, “SRV564GB”, “SRV564GB1”, “SRV564GB2”, “SRV564GB3”, “SRV564GG”, “SRV564GG1”, “SRV564GH”, “SRV564GH3”, “SRV564GHB”, “SRV564GHN”, “SRV564GME”, “SRV564GN”, “SRV564GN1”, “SRV564GN3”, “SRV564GW”, “SRV564GW1”, “SRV564GW2”, “SRV564GW3”, “SRV564GW6”, “SRV564M”, “SRV564M3”, “SRV564NE”, “SRV564NE1”, “SRV564NE2”, “SRV564P”, “SRV564TF”, “SRV564TF1”, “SRV564TF3”, “SRV564VA”, “SRV564X”, “SRV564X3”, “SRV564X1”, “SRV564XBE”, “SRV564XF1”, “SRV564XF2”, “SRV564XF3”, “SRV564XK”, “SRV564XK1”, “SRV572EB”, “SRV572EBH”, “SRV572MB”, “SRV572NE”, “SRV572TF”, “SRV572TX”, “SRV572X”, “SRV572X5”, “SRV572X1”, “SRV572XG”, “SRV572XM”, “SRV572XT”, “SRV573EB”, “SRV573EBH”, “SRV573MB”, “SRV573NE”, “SRV573TF”, “SRV573TX”, “SRV573TX3”, “SRV573TX5”, “SRV573X”, “SRV573X3”, “SRV573X5”, “SRV573X1”, “SRV573X3”, “SRV573XG”, “SRV573XGC”, “SRV573XGT”, “SRV573XM”, “SRV573XT”, “SRV573XTG”, “SRV574”, “SRV574EB”, “SRV574EBH”, “SRV574GH”, “SRV574GH3”, “SRV574HK”, “SRV574NE”, “SRV574TF”, “SRV574X”, “SRV574X3”, “SRV574X1”, “SRV574XBE”, “SRV574XH”, “SRV574XK”, “SRV574XN1”, “SRV574XN3”, “SRV575”, “SRV5751”, “SRV575EB”, “SRV575EB1”, “SRV575GH”, “SRV575GH5”, “SRV575NE”, “SRV575NE1”, “SRV575TF”, “SRV575TF1”, “SRV575X”, “SRV575X1”, “SRV576”, “SRV5765”, “SRV5761”, “SRV57615”, “SRV57611”, “SRV576A6”, “SRV576AV1”, “SRV576AV2”, “SRV576AV5”, “SRV576AV6”, “SRV576AZ”, “SRV576AZ1”, “SRV576B”, “SRV576B1”, “SRV576CO2”, “SRV576CO5”, “SRV576CO6”, “SRV576EB”, “SRV576EB1”, “SRV576EB2”, “SRV576EB5”, “SRV576EB6”, “SRV576GA”, “SRV576GAL”, “SRV576GAV”, “SRV576GB”, “SRV576GB1”, “SRV576GB2”, “SRV576GB5”, “SRV576GG”, “SRV576GG1”, “SRV576GH”, “SRV576GH5”, “SRV576GHB”, “SRV576GHN”, “SRV576GN”, “SRV576GN1”, “SRV576GW”, “SRV576GW1”, “SRV576GW2”, “SRV576GW5”, “SRV576GW6”, “SRV576M”, “SRV576M5”, “SRV576NE”, “SRV576NE1”, “SRV576NE2”, “SRV576P”, “SRV576P1”, “SRV576TF”, “SRV576TF1”, “SRV576TF5”, “SRV576VA”, “SRV576VA1”, “SRV576VS”, “SRV576VS1”, “SRV576X”, “SRV576X5”, “SRV576X1”, “SRV576XBE”, “SRV576XF1”, “SRV576XF5”, “SRV596”, “SRV5965”, “SRV5961”, “SRV59611”, “SRV59615”, “SRV596AV2”, “SRV596AV5”, “SRV596AV6”, “SRV596CME”, “SRV596EB”, “SRV596EB1”, “SRV596EB5”, “SRV596EB6”, “SRV596GH”, “SRV596GH5”, “SRV596GHK”, “SRV596GK5”, “SRV596GM5”, “SRV596GME”, “SRV596NE”, “SRV596NE1”, “SRV596TF”, “SRV596TF1”, “SRV596TF5”, “SRV596X”, “SRV596X1”, “SRV596X5”, “SRV596XBE”, “SRV596XF1”, “SRV596XK”, “SRV864A”, “SRV864AGH”, “SRV864B”, “SRV864C”, “SRV864OGH”, “SRV864P”, “SRV864PGH”, “SRV864RAG”, “SRV864TF”, “SRV876A”, “SRV876A5”, “SRV876A1”, “SRV876A6”, “SRV876AS6”, “SRV876AV6”, “SRV876AV7”, “SRV876C6”, “SRV876CGH”, “SRV876D”, “SRV876D5”, “SRV876D1”, “SRV876D6”, “SRV876EB”, “SRV876EB1”, “SRV876G”, “SRV876G1”, “SRV876P”, “SRV876P5”, “SRV876P1”, “SRV876P6”, “SRV876RA”, “SRV876RA5”, “SRV896A”, “SRV896AGH”, “SRV896B”, “SRV896C”, “SRV896P”, “SRV896PGH”, “SRV896TF”, “W93A”, “W93AEB”, “W93ANE”, “W93ASX”, “W93ASX1”, “W93AX”, “W93AX1”, “W93AXE”.

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If you are a Rental Property Owner/Manager/Tenant/Commercial Operator please use the Rental booking form.

If you use this Booking Form you will not receive a “Tax invoice”.


Electric Oven Repair

Book online and save 10%

Booking online saves time, errors and provides a written record of the appointment details. We pass this saving on via a 10% discount. Please make sure your email/mobile phone number is correct, as we sms/email a time and date confirmation. If the date you have selected is not available we will continue to communicate via email to finalise a time and date confirmation. By submitting a booking means you have agreed to have us attend your property to repair your appliance and have accepted our terms and conditions. We will send you a date and time confirmation by sms/email as you choose. Your receiving the date and time confirmation does not negate your booking obligations.

Please note* This form is for privately owned residences only. If you are a Property Owner/Manager or Tenant; please use our rental property form.


We carry a selection of spares for the most common faults and should our technician not have the required parts on board, there is no additional Service Call Out Charge for the return visit. Warranty claims must be submitted in writing, and when applicable are conditional upon all accounts and payments being in order and fully settled as per our trading terms. Things go wrong! If you haven’t received your booking confirmation by the time you anticipated; call! The amount of incorrect phone numbers/ email addresses etc. we receive means you might not receive your confirmation as anticipated. Ring us before you go off making alternate arrangements. All postponements or cancellations must be submitted in writing 24 hours prior to the appointment time. Failure to do so in a timely manner will incur cancellation charges.

Contingency Bookings

If you are not sure what Contingency bookings are; then read on! It’s when a customer makes a booking, but then rings around to find another repairer who can maybe make it earlier! This is not just frowned upon, but makes up a big part of lost revenue for any repair operation. So please; do the ring around before making a booking. And then if we end up your best option, please then make a booking.

*During business hours. Over-night submissions will be responded to the following business day.

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