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We have spent a little time trying gather some useful reviews. Yes it might be a little bias in that we haven’t included any positive reviews of our competition.  We only claim to be honest operators, not Saints. So you’ll have to go searching for your own positive feed back of our competitors.

It’s actually hard to find too many reviews on the web that appear legitimate. So the couple we can find must mean customers, by and large, needed to be either very happy or very unhappy.

Adelaide Appliance Repairs

We are licensed as both an Electrical Worker (unrestricted) and Electrical Contractor. Insurance companies can reject insurance claims where work is done by unlicensed or unqualified workers.



ERS have a large group of technicians, so in order to qualify their being licensed or not is too difficult. To be sure please check the actual technician who attends your repair is licensed with Consumer and Business Affairs.

Reviews on this group are not flattering generally. But as said there are those at the opposite end who think they are perfect. You will note, not too many of those are recent.

Womo StartLocal

ERS-SA True Local Reviews

Prestige Appliance Repairs, Lockleys

Licensed to do both Gas and Electrical Work, but some there is some dispute over the restrictions. Any Gas Work may be limited to Rocco Portolesi’s time at SOUTHCORP WHITEGOODS P/L. As he no longer works there, the gas endorsement may be no longer applicable. *Note: Both these licenses does not mean the technician coming to your job is registered to do the particular work. You need to each Technician PGE number to be sure.

Womo True Local


Miele make high quality ovens and washing machines compared to most of their competition. As a result they should be much more reliable than a normal washing machine and last longer too. However, Miele washing machines still break down. The theory is that by investing more money in a Miele appliance it should work out cheaper in the long run than buying cheaper brands, which may need repairing and/or replacing much more often.

However, recent evidence is emerging that increasing repair prices – due in part to lack of competition and in greater part to extremely high spare parts prices – means some Miele appliances are being scrapped by their customers long before their designed for 20 years life span because the price quoted for repair by Miele is so high. This is a very worrying development and undermines their “forever better” slogan and ethos.

For an appliance to last 20 years it needs to be made to a very high quality standard – but it must also be economically viable to repair it when it breaks down. It doesn’t matter if an appliance is designed to last 100 years, it will only last until it’s first serious breakdown; if it is too expensive to repair! Miele need to address this serious issue. Their appliances cost a lot more than a normal appliance and one of the main justifications for this price is that it will last a lot longer. If it doesn’t – most people would consider it was a bad purchase and will avoid Miele in the future.

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Like the Suppliers. We have a lot of difficulty getting parts in a reliable, efficient manner. This is not limited to the few. Across the board parts are generally slow; 5-10 days being the average. But for European parts we can wait anything up 8 weeks. Which seems rediculous. But importers have to deal with volume orders to make shipments cost effective.