Oven Spare Parts

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We hope the following information will help convince you there are very good reasons not to do it yourself!

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Will your insurer cover you for fire or electrocution if the part fitted was done by an unqualified person?

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How can you know that the parts you buy are genuine and meet local regulations? More important; is the genuine part up to the job? We often substitute the factory part for parts we have tried and tested to be an improvement over years of field testing.

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Determining which part(s) is faulty is the job of a trained technician. The number of times we have had to attend repair jobs where the customer had already fitted the wrong parts are many. Sadly the parts fitted were not faulty and therefore non-returnable.

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Are the parts up to local regulations? Are you risking an on the spot fine for interfering with the electrical system?

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Many of the oven spare parts being sold online come from interstate or overseas. If you have been supplied the wrong part or a faulty part; sending them back is often more expensive than the part itself. Often that means you are buying the part without an economical means to return them.

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It’s a challenge even for us sometimes to be confident we have the right part number, especially when most of our part supply comes direct from Europe. If the wrong part is supplied the time it takes to remedy that can be months.

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Fitting parts by an unqualified person more often than not voids it’s warranty. The part sellers generally have warnings that the parts need to be fitted by a qualified person, but know very few customers pay attention to that. Worse still is the damage that is caused by parts being fitted incorrectly. Fitting oven door hinges is one of the more common ways the glass gets broken.

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Choosing the right part – Is it really that straight forward?

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Fan Forced Element
$14.99 – $149.00

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Oven Door Hinges
$22.50 – $185.00

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Oven Electric Thermostat
$18.49 – $125.00

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Oven Cooking Fan Motor
$24.96 – $166.92

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Why the big discrepancy?

If you shop online using Google for any of the above spare parts, we found these high and low prices for the relevant parts. Not all parts are equal, so what influences such large price swings? The following is a list of the major reasons these prices vary so much:

  • Where they are made – Europe, China, Mexico etc.
  • The brand – The appliance brand and the actual part brand
  • Quality – materials used and method of manufacture
  • Exclusivity – does the brand agent have an exclusive arrangement
  • Fit – will the part(s) fit correctly
  • Warranty –  terms and conditions
  • Regulation –  do the parts comply with the electrical regulations

And these are not all of the relevant issues when selecting which part is best for you, so ask yourself; can you determine which factors matter?

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Special Order Parts” means: parts we don’t have in stock! If you book online you will see a field with parts that you can ask to be ordered before we attend your job. To do this you will need to make a deposit and confirm the part, model number and other details as required to ensure the correct part. If you choose to special order then the appointment time will not be confirmed until after the part is received. You can select the option to receive a quote/ETA Estimated Time of Arrival, but we can not, especially in these Covid times confirm actual Time of Arrival. And because we will be ordering the part particular to your machine our fixed price offering may not apply. Typically we bring parts in from Europe in bulk which allows a more cost effective process. Special order parts are not sourced in this fashion and means costs increase, sometime significantly. And to make matters even less attractive any special order part jobs cannot be cancelled once ordered.

Alternatively you can have us attend your job without ordering parts and like us hope the parts required are in van stock. Right now that means a better than 90% chance of being the case. That means that less than one job a week we return to to fit parts we had to order in after attending the job. And it means fixed prices apply, freight charges are not applied as we had the parts on board and the biggest bonus, wait times for parts were not an issue. We highly recommend you take your chances, but cannot guarantee we will have all parts required on board.

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What happens when we don’t have the necessary part(s) in the van? Sadly it happens from time to time. It is not in our best interest for this to happen because we have to travel back to complete the job for no additional money. If you want us to order specific parts to bring to your job; please select the parts required and we will contact you to take a deposit and order the parts for you.

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Lets use Smeg the brand as an example. You book a job online and tell us the fan forced element needs to be replaced.Over 95% of the time we will do just that; turn up and change the fan forced element. But as a customer, you statistically only pick the right part needed about 50% off the time. However, on a Smeg you still have a 95% chance we are going to fix you oven on the first visit, because we do a lot of Smeg ovens. Now for the number of times we don’t have the part in the van what happens. We charge you a minimum charge that comes of the completed job value. There will be an additional charge to cover freight to get the part in.That charge in non-refundable. Some of our competitors require payment for parts before they will order them in. This minimum charge acts as a deposit. We don’t like this outcome any more than you. And you will see from the following information, we don’t have control over the time some parts might take to get in.

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We supply oven spare parts; but only as a repair job!

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text admin_label=”Oven Spare Parts Adelaide” _builder_version=”3.27.4″]

We don’t supply spare parts other than as part of a repair job! So please save us both time and money and don’t make contact just to buy parts! We also don’t fit other people’s parts! We only fit parts we have sourced. Any parts that we have to ship in specifically for your job will incur additional costs above and beyond the prices quoted in the Fixed Price Repairs.

We try to insure we only accept/confirm a booking when we have the parts in stock. Sometimes the repair description leads us to to the wrong conclusion and a different part(s) needs to be sourced. If this happens to be the case you can choose to have us source the part or opt to have another repairer complete the repair. If you prefer we source the part, you accept we source those parts from our suppliers and when the order volume is cost effective. Yes you might be able to source the part cheaper and quicker in Australia. But you agree we are not obliged to source the part(s) from other than our suppliers.  While in a single instance you option may appear to be the faster, cheaper option we buy in bulk and work hard at getting the best priced parts over the course of time. Low volume parts always cost more. It is simple economics. Bring one part from Europe or China is simply dearer than bringing 20 or 100 parts as a general rule. If you want us to purchase the part per your instruction the ‘fixed price repair’ will no longer be applied. We will follow your instruction and charge a 25% margin on the part and freight.

Spare parts are a continual challenge to source on a reliable basis. We try to stock parts that are used consistently so we don’t have to worry about delays.  We carry Adelaide’s largest in-van range of oven spare parts! Spare part delays are common in this industry because most parts come from Europe or China! 4-6 weeks is a norm for parts coming from Overseas! We try to always use the manufacturer’s brand parts where possible!

“Fixed Price Repair” (FPR) – Parts Included

The majority of our FPR’s are supply and install packages. To fix these prices we need to lock down the cost of the spare parts included in these packages. Which we have done for the most popular ovens, stoves and washing machines.

The reality is there will still be some parts included in or FPR’s that we don’t stock. These are normally the things like dual top elements and bottom elements in ovens, or washing machine door boot seals for the more expensive models or perhaps the better term is the less popular models/parts. In the event the spare part is not included in our stock holdings or readily available through our normal supply arrangements we have 2 options to deal with the situation. You can either opt to allow us time to import the part within the FPR budget or pay an agreed charge to purchase the spare part from the an Australian Stockist/Agent.

Part Delivery Times

Parts in Van stock = immediately

Parts in stock in Adelaide = 3-5 days

Parts in stock in Melbourne, Sydney = 7-10 days

Parts in stock in Australian warehouses = quoted times

Parts bought in from overseas = 6-8 weeks

Parts bought in from overseas affected by Covid – 19 = Some parts have taken over 4 months.

* note these times are averages and are not guaranteed!

Importing parts means times are affected by many factors, however the main contributing factors are customs and order volume. Customs has always been a random event, but in most cases parts can be received within 6-8 weeks. Order Volume is quite another thing. Unlike buying a single part from Ebay or the like, the rules applied to volume shipping are very different. The Australian stockists don’t just fax or email an order to their overseas suppliers whenever they receive a part order from us. They place the part on a list. That list needs to reach a preset volume. This is mainly governed by weight and size! But to keep it simple, the orders are placed when they can fill a pallet! The time it take to make up a pallet varies by the brand or stockist popularity. The more popular; the more shipments per month. So it does happen when some parts take 6 months to arrive. This is normally caused by manufacturer production. Once a model’s parts run is done, tooling is changed and the next part is run. They might not do another run of that part for a year. Most manufacturers of parts work in 1,000-10,000 part lots. So until they reach their tooling cost minimum order, we wait!

* Additional charges will be passed on for any parts that must be ordered in.

Australian Spare Parts Agents

There are two main types of spare part operators in Australia.

1. The authorised brand spare parts “Agent” who normally has exclusivity and can impose significant margins as a consequence. And because they suffer little competition they can be hopelessly random in their communications and delivery times. But it gets worse. Some Brands, who shall remain nameless, use their part monopoly status to undermine genuine competition by not allowing discounts to the trade, providing slower response and delivery times to competitor and barring competitors from service manuals and electronic diagnosis equipment.

2. The spare part wholesaler/retailer. They buy in large quantities direct from part manufacturers. You might be surprised to know that many Brand name appliances don’t make much in the way of parts. So when the appliance manufacturers’ contract runs out with the part maker, they then sell to the open market. We buy most of our parts from a very small number of wholesalers. Because in our shopping trolley of parts we buy throughout the year this is the very cheapest way. However, some parts (by and large the small volume parts) are dearer than we might otherwise buy from the Brand Agent. But the wholesalers will share their technical bulletins and service manuals and provide a much larger degree of support to us. Why you ask simple is that the case. Simple; we might by 80% of our parts a year from 3 wholesalers and only 20% of our parts from the other Brand Agents. So we have very little influence on Brand Agents. So if you’ve found a better price from the Brand Agent or elsewhere, please don’t be disappointed when we continue to charge in line with our wholesale prices.

This also means if you want to know the price of a part as it relates to a “fixed price replacement” we genuinely don’t know. Because the price is achieve across a range of factors. 1 element a year might cost us as high as $250.oo. However, a thousand elements a year and we are talking about significant savings.


Brand Agents and Manufacturers are always changing suppliers or suppliers choose to end a part manufacture. When this happens and if sales in the marketplace warrant it, alternate parts are substituted without notice or consequence. We often only learn of a part being substituted when we receive the part. Sometimes these new substitutions come with instructions to amend the method of fitting and connecting the parts. Where this is the case a “fixed price replacement” will become void and time plus parts plus service call will be the means used to calculate the final charge. If you are not prepared to accept this, then we will return the part; where you will become liable for the freight, restocking fee, packaging and return postage. We will also charge for the time on the job and the service call.

DIY Repair Spare Parts

We go to lots of DIY failures. The most common reasons we are called to sort out these DIY failures are because:

  • The customer has bought and fitted the part they think they need, only to find out the machine is still faulty.
  • The online YouTube or other video feed they found on the internet showing them how to fit it themselves looked easy and straight forward.
  • The part they received was not the correct part or cheap imitation part.
  • The customer installed the spare part incorrectly.

The list above are the least of the DIY customer’s problems. What customers often don’t realise is that DIY brings with it many other risks, such as:

  • Your insurance can be void. If you have a fire or get electrocuted, most insurance companies these days don’t accept liability where the work done was not carried out by a duly qualified and licenced person.
  • You can be fined for doing work unqualified or unlicensed.
  • Parts often can not be returned. Suppliers know many DIY customers don’t have a right under their returns policy to return spare parts.
  • Many of the parts bought on the internet belong to other international models that are not supplied to Australia, and for good reason. Voltages are different or they don’t meet local standard or certification.
  • Damage to the new or existing spare parts because the fault has not been diagnosed. Many times we go to customers who have changed the Electronic controller only to find a short circuit has destroyed the newly fitted timer. The customer didn’t realised the reason the Electronic controller failed in the first place is because a short circuit caused the problem in the first place.