Old Ovens Stoves Cooktops

When is an oven/stove old?

Some would say 10 years. However it is not unusual to service machines that are 30 years old. But there are factors that help to determine if your machine is past the point of sensible repair.

  • Parts no longer available
  • Can’t see through the glass door for the burnt on debris
  • Brand is no longer supported (business gone out of business)
  • Labels on the control panel are no longer legible

Any of the above reasons should give cause for a careful analysis before choosing to continue with a repair option. The up side to keeping some older ovens/stoves in working order is that they were built in a time when parts lasted longer. They are generally simpler, so they have less in them to go wrong in the first place.

Of course age is an important factor, as ovens/stoves get older they corrode and moving parts wear. So even if the part(s) is available, sometimes they aren’t accessible because they are behind panels that have rusted access screws. This means drilling and tapping to be able to reinstate the panels. This take more time and is not covered within our fixed price services. This doesn’t mean corrosion doesn’t happen in new ovens; it does! Often because cleaning products haven’t been nuetralised properly and continue to have corrosive effects long after the cleaning event.

Most ovens/stoves can be cost effectively maintain until the next kitchen renovation. For some this might happen in ten years, but for most this is around 25 years. So long as you keep your oven cleans and repairs faults as and when the arise these appliances will generally give good service for many years.