Light Bulbs

Changing your light bulb

We don’t replace a light bulb as a stand alone job. If we are at your place doing a ‘fixed price repair’, we will fit a new E14 25W bulb for $8.00 plus gst. This is the price of the bulb and no labour included. Why we hear you ask! Simple, we don’t offer a warranty on the globe replacement.

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Bulb stops working after repairs are carried out.

This is not common, but can be an unintended consequence and does happen from time to time! Globe filaments become more and more fragile over time. And vibration or jarring can cause the filament to break. We can’t do much to prevent this. If this happens, a bulb will normally be all that is required.

Changing the bulb yourself

Almost all ovens are made with the intent that the customer can change the bulb. This is considered, in most cases, a user exercise; much the same as cleaning the oven. Sure you can pay to have someone do it, however for $8.00 it is much cheaper to do so yourself.



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