Cooking Fan Motor oven fan repairs in Adelaide

Oven Cooking Fan Motor – But Which One??

Cooking for Cooling fan motor?


You’ve hunted around and found a great price for a repairer to fit a new cooking fan motor; or have you? Most companies don’t even know there is a difference! But that is what separates our business from our competitors. We trained on commercial cooking equipment. Fan motors with Bronze bushes simply didn’t last long enough!

Trouble is, how do you know what the tech fitted? Truth is; you don’t! If you want to sure; tell us and we’ll make sure you receive the correct motor.

Did you get the cheap one or not?

Cooling Fan or Cooking Fan?

Most ovens have two fans – One Tangential and the other not


Oven making a racket and figure its the Fan Motor? What most people don’t know is that there are more than 1 motor in an oven that can make some sort of noise. When we refer to the Cooking Fan, it means the motor that is normally located inside the oven cavity at the back of the oven in the middle. Which you can see through the vet holes! This cooking motor is often confused with the less known Cooling Fan which can’t be seen without dismantling the oven. These are commonly tangential fans or drum fans and are more expensive to change over. There is also a clock motor, which for the most part these days are electronic and don’t make noise. And last but not least is the Rotisserie motor, which is rarely used, but on some brands are on when you choose to grill. Our fixed price repairs apply to most of the common fans we encounter. There are some cooling fans that are bigger/smaller than the standard 180cm unit. Not all of these are included at this stage because the volume and part price variation are too variable to lock down

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