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Bureaucrats restrict restricted occupational licenses!


Today Stoves or Free Standing Ranges make up about a third of the kitchen’s cooking type. The others are under bench ovens, or wall ovens! under bench and wall ovens tend to be either gas or electric. However the Free Standing Range is a combination of gas and electric. Typically that are gas cook tops and electric ovens.

The problem is deciding if you need a licensed Electrician or Gas Fitter to undertake a repair. Restricted License were available to some very select manufacturer trained employees. These restricted were once limited to only being able to be used while employed by the manufacturers.

In an effort to make their lives easier the bureaucrats have chosen to not make these available anymore. Which means you the poor customer have to pay to have a Gas Fitter come along and disconnect and reconnect your dual fuel stove so that a licensed electrician can undertake the repair of the electrical fault. This can mean 3 visits to change one element.

We have tried to have the occupational licensing body and technical regulator wake up and recognise the additional cost unfairly being forced on the appliance owner.

Our Method for management this issue

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In order to overcome this bureaucratic nightmare we manage this in several ways. The first is to fit parts without having to disconnect the gas supply.

However, if there is no way of getting around this problem, we are allowed to disconnect and reconnect the gas in order to be able to access the unit from behind. To do that, we need to isolate the gas supply. This is made easy if the original installation was done with a gas cock. So if you are about to have a new gas installation fitted, please make sure the gas fitted has been instruction to fit an isolation valve. And a flexible hose or coil. This way we can move the oven out without having to disconnect it.

However, the regulations don’t allow our electrician to reinstate the gas supply. We can reconnect the oven, but cannot turn the gas back on. You then just need to have our gas fitter come and check the re-connection for any leaks.

If you choose to turn the gas back on, we don’t know that the technical regulator or licensing body has any right to take such a matter to task. However, we must qualify that you should seek your own legal advise regarding this matter.

Our goal here is to help our customers reduce there costs involved with undertaking licensed electrical work on a dual fuel stove. If the Bureaucrats can’t make fair regulations, then they get what they deserve.

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