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“Melbourne lockdown to continue until vaccination targets reached as Victoria abandons COVID-zero goal”

Covid-19 here to stay, or at least according to Victoria:

Not that this should be any surprise really. Here in South Australia we have been lucky more than vigilant. Once the borders open when we hit some yet to be sealed vaccination point, we are going to have to learn to live with and operate in a Covid-19 risk environment.

With that in mind, we attend wearing mask and gloves and ask that the 1.5 meter social distancing requirement be observed at all times. In truth, OHS&W restricts access to the same environment anyway. You can’t walk into the mechanics workshop just because your car is in there. You can’t go behind the counter of the local coffee shop just because they are making your coffee. In Brisbane the Technician is required to place exclusion barriers around their short term workspace.

We ask that customers refrain from being in close proximity where it is not required. Wear a mask if there is a reason to be in close proximity. We are often working on live equipment which children and animals are not aware is dangerous, so please keep them clear of the workspace at all times.

If you have someone in the house who has or is a covid-19 risk you are required to disclose this before we enter the property. We aren’t just protecting ourselves but also our next customers.

We are about to come face to face with delta variant and have had little experience managing a non-zero policy! So we ask for your help in keep this risk as minimised as we can.

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